Internet Rates


Rates as of June 1, 2015

Service Level Download/Upload Speeds Monthly Price
Basic 1 Mb / 256 Kb $20.00
Internet 10 Mb / 2 Mb $45.00
Internet 15 Mb / 3 Mb $55.00
Internet 30 Mb / 5 Mb $90.00
Internet 50 Mb / 10 Mb $100.00
Internet 100 Mb / 10 Mb $125.00
Service includes up to 5 email accounts and free spam filtering. Email account limit is 100MB
Cable Modem Installation/Activation: $45.00
Wireless Router Rental (per month): $5.00

Email Storage on SMU Server (if you need more than the 100 MB included with the account).
1.0 GB $5.00/month
3.0 GB $10.00/month
Above 3GB $20.00/month

Tiger Care Plan  $10.00, per month
Device Configuration at SMU (non SMU owned device)  $20.00, per visit
Device Configuration at SMU (SMU owned device)  $5.00, per visit
Service Calls (During normal business hours)  $45.00 per hour, plus tax
Service Calls (After hours, 2 hour minimum charge)  $60.00 per hour, plus tax
Install Fee (Some services may require a deposit and installation/activation fee)  $45.00 per hour, plus tax

SecureIT Plus

Anti-virus and anti-spyware, online malware protection, pop-up blocker, personal firewall, parental controls, live 24/7 technical support, monthly online reporting, and guaranteed remote installation available.
per PC $7.00
SecureIT supported install $13.00, per install
Visa   MasterCard   Discover
If you, a SMU customer, feel that you have processed a payment in error, please contact our customer service at 712-580-5800 or email us to request a refund.